Boulder, Colo. – Aug. 30, 2016 – Adeptive is proud to announce that the Simplifile Collaboration service for lenders and settlement agents is now integrated with Adeptive’s ResWare™ title production platform.

Simplifile is a leading provider of real estate document collaboration and recording technologies for lenders, settlement agents, and counties. Simplifile Collaboration allows users of ResWare to share, receive, and validate documents and data with their network of lenders without ever leaving the ResWare system. Collaboration’s secure, electronic workspace provides visibility into lender processes and a secure platform for collaboration on fee data, documents, and transaction details.

“Collaboration makes it easy for settlement agents and lenders to work together on critical loan documents, removes the risks associated with manual data entry, and automatically creates an audit-ready compliance trail,” said Paul Clifford, President of Simplifile. “Meaningful collaboration on the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure is essential to originating compliant loans, but it shouldn’t have to be a difficult or time-consuming process.”

Settlement agents from Portland, Oregon-based WFG National Title Insurance Company (WFG) were among the first to test-drive the new ResWare feature.

“The integration of ResWare with Simplifile Collaboration is a tremendous benefit to settlement agents and a great companion to our existing integration with Simplifile’s e-recording service,” said Gorkem Kuterdem, Chief Technology Officer for WFG. “Now, ResWare users can receive and compare lenders’ Closing Disclosures to their own, make any necessary changes, and return updated disclosures alongside other documents and comments — all within their own processing environment and all without rekeying information. We’re delighted to have been a pilot user for the integration, and we look forward to implementing this new tool with our lender customers.”

About Simplifile

Simplifile, the nation’s largest e-recording network, was founded in 2000 to connect settlement agents and county recorders via its e-recording service. Today Simplifile has broadened its services to include collaboration tools and post-closing visibility for mortgage lenders and settlement agents working together on real estate documents. Through Simplifile, users can securely record, share, and track documents, data, and fees with ease.
To learn more, visit or call 800.460.5657.

About Adeptive

Based in Boulder, CO, Adeptive is a technology company that develops products that deliver efficiency, flexibility and scalability for the real estate title industry. Adeptive is known primarily in the title industry for its product ResWare™, which is a process flow software package that can be scaled and customized for any size operation. Used by many of the industry’s leading companies, ResWare™ ensures that transactions are accurate and efficient and that employees are executing the same way every time, reducing missing information, lost productivity, and costly errors. Adeptive is the fastest growing company in the title and escrow software market, thanks to ResWare’s continued strong adoption by agents and underwriters across the country.