Specified clients and partners can view information, leave notes, download and upload documents, and have access to information 24×7, significantly reducing phone calls from partners. Clients can also have online order submission enabled, allowing them to submit new orders via the website.

  • Employees of partners and clients, as well as buyers and sellers, can be given a username and password to access their files via the ResWare website. In addition, text on each user’s welcome page can be customized per partner.
  • When a user logs in, he or she can view recent files or search for files on which his or her company has been added as a partner. Searches can be run by buyer or seller name, property address, and opened, closed, estimated settlement, or actual settlement dates.
  • When a user views a file, he or she is only shown the portions of the file to which they have been granted access. Users can be granted access to view partner information, notes, documents, disbursements, actions, recording data, curative information, bills, checks, and settlement information.
  • Users can add notes and documents to files to which they have access. Notifications of new items are sent to coordinators on the file.
  • Clients can be allowed to enter new orders on the website. The orders will be automatically created in the system and routed to employees to begin processing.
  • Partner employees can be granted the ability to request changes to the HUD.