By design, ResWare becomes the central repository for all documents and communication regarding each customer file. All notes and email messages that are sent from within ResWare are automatically attached to the appropriate file to ensure complete and accurate documentation. Incoming email messages can also be automatically attached to the specified file without any user interaction.

  • Any type of document can be attached to a file, be classified into one of several categories, and be given a description for easy retrieval later. ResWare also allows files to be marked as “Internal Only,” which prevents such files from being viewable on the web site. Files can also be sent via email or fax, reclassified, viewed (both within the application and through the web site), or removed without leaving ResWare.
  • ResWare allows employees to add notes at any time to any customer file. Notes can be sent via email or fax, viewed, or marked as “Internal Only” so they can’t be seen from the web site, both within the application and through the website.
  • Notes and documents can be sent directly from ResWare to partners, internal users, entire teams, any external email address, or any fax number. The system keeps track of when notes and documents were sent, who sent them, and to whom they were sent, eliminating the need for additional tracking. Word and Excel documents can be automatically converted to PDF files when they’re sent.
  • Users can view the entire contents of all notes or a compressed “Summary View” to quickly scan through all notes associated with a file.
  • Emails from outside parties can be attached to the ResWare file automatically; the email and its attachments will automatically be attached to the specified file.