We Put The Flow in Workflow

Our customers gain four tangible benefits from using the ResWare™ platform.

We Extend Access

ResWare enables your operations and employees to reach and manage a wide range of efficiencies. From our friendly and intuitive interface to our multi-tiered support to our multiple deployment options, ResWare ensures that every employee, client, partner, and department can be served where and how they want to be served. ROI realized.

We Reduce Cost

Getting rid of paper costs and expensive data entry errors is just the beginning. ResWare dramatically speeds efficiency of staff so they can be redeployed to higher value tasks other than data collection. More importantly, because ResWare can account for such a wide range of conditions and scenarios, it is the ultimate cost reduction tool on the market today. ROI realized.

The Adeptive team has a proven track record designing, building and maintaining systems that support mission critical objectives as well as scaling for both large corporations and smaller organizations. Our clients range from established businesses wanting to leverage the power of their existing processes and knowledge to entrepreneurs looking for a customized, competitive advantage.

We Improve Outcomes

ResWare’s robust auditing, performance measurement, and management capabilities, combined with the ability to dynamically serve up transparency that is personalized to each client and partner, means that ResWare can help spur better outcomes across a variety of work cases, transactions, and product types. Since you can set triggers within each client or partner specific workflow to automatically flag issues or irregularities with each client or partner, many potential problems can be resolved (or even avoided altogether) early on in the process. ROI realized.

We Enhance Revenue

ResWare has proven ability to increase throughput. Many ResWare users see their times shaved by more than 20-30% per client, some up to 300%. ResWare’s workflow engine also means that a company using the ResWare’s workflow system will be able to handle more workload and tasks without increasing resources. This rise in volume, paired with ResWare’s ability to exceed client satisfaction, boosts the percentage of revenue. This means companies enjoy higher revenue all while providing better service. ROI Realized.