For a business to run efficiently, specific milestones must be successfully executed at the right time. In ResWare, each milestone is known as an Action Item, and the total set of milestones as an Action List.

An Action Item is any task an employee needs to complete, such as sending a letter to a buyer or receiving a contract from an agent. Through the life cycle of the customer file, as Action Items become due, employees are prompted to complete them. ResWare’s exclusive workflow automation and Action List technology leaves very little room for important steps to be missed.

From the moment the file is opened, Action Items are triggered, defining what needs to happen next. For instance, if an employee must confirm an order with a client within two hours of the file being opened, that Action Item will appear on the employee’s home page immediately upon file creation with a due date and time of two business hours from when the file was opened. Starting and completing actions will affect other actions to keep the file moving through the appropriate processes.

Outdated processes and systems are replaced by the most powerful, most consistent, and most accessible system and solution in the market today. This improves efficiency and helps eliminate costly errors.